Waste diya reuse idea, Best out of waste diya, cool craft idea, Best Home Decor idea

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Hello Friends,
Want to make something Impressive, then this video is only for you.
you can use material left from diwali evening, and you can make an Show peice for you show case, or you can say it is home decor item to decorate a corner in your home.

Your just need the following items
1. Diya
1. Small Pots ( Kullad)
3. Stone lace
4. Cardboard
5. Seasor
6. Lace
7. Stones
8. Glue Gun
9. Febric Glue
10. Empty carboard roll of aluminium foil

This is an exclusive channel for arts and crafts how to make these things step by step and new style. Official videos for arts and crafts lovers lets the viewer to make things step by step just to decorate you home and walls. All items with best tutorial as well as with simplified steps that lets you to make easily step by step.


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