Photographi tips and tricks for best click

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photographi tips

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS From 1. Look your subject in the eye Look your subject in the eye  Direct eye contact can be as engaging in a picture.


Look you subject in the eyes

to take professional images your object should be in your eyes. It will make you to feel like you are not away from your object.

Use a Plain Background

While taking picture of your favourite object, try to have plane background so that image / photo viewer notice only what you want to show him.

Move in close

To take real beautiful and really clear pictures you need to be close to it. So that it appears clear in you photo / picture.

Move it from the middle

You need to change the position of your object from middle so that your whole object gives the full view in your shown picture.

Lock the focus

Just lock the focus and also lock your favourite position of the best view.

Know you flash range

Now a day all phones have LED flash which have very limited range. Means you can not used such flash for distance pictures. Just calculate the best range of your flash to take best lighting effects on object you are trying to take picture.

watch the light

You should always remember that light always fall from your side to object while taking picture of an object.

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