How to Detect Misuse of Aadhaar Number

Ravi Tanwar
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Detect Misuse of Aadhaar Number

Misuse of Aadhaar number can disturb your mind. Its a big worry. There are few steps that you can detect the misuse of your aadhaar number easily.

Login to

Here find the Aadhaar Authentication History under the Aadhar Online Services. This will link you to new page.

Enter Your Aadhaar Number here in prompted box and Click SEND OTP. This will send and OTP on your registered Mobile Number .

Next, it will prompt for authentication type. In Drop Box Select Select All from, and in Date option Select your period during which you want to check the use of your Aadhaar Number. Here you can also choose the number of records you want to choose. There is a provision of choosing 50 records.

Now Submit Your OTP number in prompted Box and Click Submit. This Click will show you your Aadhaar Number History . If you See that any of entry is not done by you than you can register an complaint  to UIDAI to ensure safe use of your Aadhaar Number in future..


How to Register an Complaint for Misuse of Aadhaar Number?

You can register an Complaint on 1947 from monday to saturday, 7am to 11pm and on sunday 8am to 5pm.

You can also send email to

Important:- Please update New contact Number of Aadhaar which is 1947 instead of 1800-300-1947, which is outdated. This is still shown by google.


Thanks have and safe use of your Aadhaar Number.



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