DIY How to Make Golden Christmas Tree, How make paper Christmas tree, Golden paper Christmas Tree

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How to make Christmas Tree


Making Golden Christmas Tree is an very good idea as this does not require extra lighting for glittering. We can Put it under any light to glitter. Whereas art of making of Golden Christmas tree comes its very simple and easy. You just need few minutes and things almost available in your home. Just gather those things and start making Golden Christmas Tree. You can also say you are making your christmas tree for this year with unused material and it will be an nature friendly Christmas Tree. This Tree can be named as paper Christmas Tree.
Things We Need to make Christmas Tree are-
1. Stone Lace
2. Aluminium foil Roll Waste (Best out of waste)
3. CD ( Unused, Best out of waste)
4. Stones
5. Glue Gun
6. Golden Glitter Sheet
7. Green Woolflower

You can also learn HOW TO MAKE WOOLFLOWER CHRISTMAS TREE from our youtube tutorial video

Woolflower Christmas tree-

and our Glitter Foam Sheet Christmas Tree

Glitter Foam Sheet Christmas Tree-

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Step 1- How to make Christmas Tree

Take an Glitter foam sheet and make a one of the sheet. Size of the sheet depends on the size of your Christmas Tree. Big Christmas Tree require big Glitter foam Sheet. You can can simple paper also to make cone but i have choosen Glitter foam foam sheet so that foam sheet also glitter from inside also under the leaves we will paste in next steps. For more tutorial watch the video at the end of this article...

Step 2- How to make Christmas Tree

Now take the Stone lace and cut in in 1" x 1" Square pecies. Number of square depends upon the size of the Christmas Tree. Now make to cone of the Stone lace as shown in image. These cones will be pasted on the base cone of the Christmas Tree which was made earlier from glitter foam sheet. For better Tutorial watch the video Tutorial just end of the Article

Step 3- How to make Christmas Tree

Now paste all the stone lace cone to the glitter foam sheet cone with glue gun one by one. Make sure you are pasting these from bottom to top so that it gives a perfect look and perfect shape. For better Tutorial watch the video Tutorial just end of the Article For better Tutorial watch the video Tutorial just end of the Article

Step 4- How to make Christmas Tree

How to make Christmas Tree After pasting of Stone lace, Christmas Tree is almost ready. At to top point paste a woolen flower. Now you need to make the base of this Christmas tree. Now take a wast of Aluminium foil roll and an unused cd. You can decorate the CD as per of your choice. I have decorated mine as shown. You can also decorate the foil roll as shown and i have done. Paste the Aluminium Foil roll on the CD from Glue gun and then paste Tree on It. Make sure you are pasting it from glue gun for fast result. Christmas Tree is ready For better Tutorial watch the video Tutorial just end of the Article

How to Make Christmas Tree

How to make Christmas Tree Finish all Work and Christmas tree is ready like shown in image..

How to make Christmas Tree - Video Tutorial

Christmas Tree Video tutorial Step by Step..

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