DIY how to make christmas tree, glitter foam sheet christmas tree, handmade christmas tree

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how to make christmas tree


For the christmas day evening make your self handmade christmas tree in few minutes with easy steps. Things you need is almost available in your home. This is an good idea to reuse items available in your home and it will be nature friendly. So don’t buy any more christmas tree from market and use your innovative ideas and this free tutorial to make it yourself. Things you need are…
1. Glitter Foam Sheet
2. Glue Gun
3. Aluminium Foil Roll ( waste , best out of waste)
4. CD ( unused, best out of waste)
5. Stones

You can also learn HOW TO MAKE WOOLFLOWER CHRISTMAS TREE from our youtube tutorial video

Woolflower Christmas tree-

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Step1- how to make christmas tree

Take an A4 Sheet and make a Cone of this A4 Sheet paper with celo tape and fevicol as shown in images

Step2- how to make christmas tree

Make a perfect Cone from A4 paper sheet. Now take Glitter foam sheet as shown in images . Cut these sheet to make Chistmast three as shown in images. These will wraped on the cone made from paper from bottom to top. So measure these glitter sheet before cutting.

Step 3- how to make christmas tree

After measuring all glitter sheet for christmas tree now make multiple cuts on a single folded sheet as shown in above image.

Step 4 -how to make christmas tree

Now paste all glitter foam sheet on the cone as shown in a perfect way so that it forms a cute chrismas tree.

Step 5- how to make christmas tree

how to make christmas tree After pasting all glitter foam sheet on A4 paper cone, Christmas tree is ready. Now you need to make the base of the christmas tree..

Step 6 - how to make christmas tree

how to make christmas tree Now take the roll of the aluminium foil and and waste cd to make the base . Decorate the cd as you want . I have decorate mine as shown in image. Paste the aluminium foil waste roll in the center of the cd and then paste the tree on the roll . Please paste these with glue gun. Now your christmas tree is ready. for more help watch our video ...

how to make christmas tree- VIDEO TUTORIAL

VIDEO Tutorial step by step for making CHRISTMAS TREE..

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